How To Stop Nursing Your Baby To Sleep

There’s nothing more magical than nursing your baby and watching them fall sound asleep in your arms. But it can become a problem when they become too reliant on that pre-bedtime feed and become unable to sleep without getting nursed first. 

This can result in everyone’s sleep being disrupted. You could be setting yourself up for a lot of sleepless nights until your baby grows out of it themselves.

Fortunately, it is possible to break this habit of nursing before sleep.

First, you should try moving your bedtime feed to a different time, maybe at the beginning of the bedtime routine or right before bath time starts. You can also try feeding them in a room different from where they sleep. It’s ideal for nursing to not be the last thing your baby does before they go to sleep.

When you’re putting your baby to bed, make sure they’re only drowsy and not completely asleep. If your baby wakes up between four to six times a night, it’s important to not hold out on giving them their nighttime feeds. When breaking the habit, the beginning of the night is what you should be more concerned about. 

Your baby will obviously be upset and protest against this new routine. But don’t worry. Refusing to feed your baby right before they sleep is not harming or traumatizing them. Consistency is key and your baby will eventually get used to the new routine. 

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