kid around vape smoke

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaping

Vaping is a common behaviour among teenagers today. These teens inhale and exhale vapour from electronic cigarettes to feel pleasure. Young people prefer premium juice to regular cigarette smoke because it is cheaper and safer.
Considering these teenagers are under parental care, parents must understand vaping comprehensively. Parents can tell if their children are vaping or advise them if they know how it works.
How Vaping Works
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are devices designed to allow users to inhale nicotine …


How To Teach Kids to Engage in Positive Self-Talk

It’s common for children to fall back into negative self-talk when they’re faced with a particularly difficult challenge that they feel they can’t overcome. Feelings of doubt and self-depreciation start to arise and it can be hard to get rid of once the feelings kick in. 
When teaching them how to cope with negative and self-deprecating thoughts, it’s important to emphasize that these negative thoughts and feelings should be acknowledged and not erased but they should also reframe their thinking and focus on the positives that the situation brought on …


How To Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Keeping your kids physically healthy is a feat that most parents excel at. But when it comes to their emotional and mental well-being, it’s another story entirely. It’s important to place value on caring for your child’s mental health because this is what allows them to develop resilience against the obstacles and challenges that they will eventually face in the real world.
But being both emotionally and mentally healthy is not something that can happen easily and organically. Here are ways you can nurture your child’s mental health:


How To Create A Parallel Parenting Plan

A parallel parenting plan is a parenting model that is adopted by parents who have a hard time getting along but still both want to be involved in raising their kids. This method allows them to have control over their own parenting responsibilities without needing the consent of the other parent. 
It’s that there is no contact or communication in this type of parenting but it’s very limited. Parents usually only communicate when there is an absolute need to. 
Creating a parallel parenting plan typically requires…