cbd for anxiety in teenager

CBD for Anxiety in Teenager? Risks and Benefits

A 2020 study about Canadian youths reveals that many young adults 10-22 suffer from anxiety disorders. It is disturbingly becoming a norm for teenagers to experience a social anxiety disorder.
With CBD’s impressive feats in anxiety treatment, it’s no wonder people consider it for treatment in teens.
In this post, we’ll explore details about CBD for anxiety in teens.We will also weigh the …


How Parents Can Model Healthy Habits

Imitating our role models has always been a critical part of childhood development. In fact, the power of mirroring is “pre-programmed” into everyone’s brains — helping people navigate their early years and adapt to customs and beliefs around us. As children stay with their parents for most of their lives, it’s unsurprising that kids pick up habits and behaviors from them, whether good or bad. To ensure children grow up to make healthy choices, parents should not just tell …


How To Teach Your Child to Make Their Bed

Teaching your child how to do chores is important and essential for their growth and development. Most kids may not enjoy it, but it helps create structure and good habits, while also teaching them important social and emotional lessons. 
When you teach your kids how to do chores, they learn the importance of responsibility and doing their part for the improvement of their surroundings or their quality of life.
Having your child make their own bed in the morning is a great introductory chore for them. It’s very …


How To Stop Nursing Your Baby To Sleep

There’s nothing more magical than nursing your baby and watching them fall sound asleep in your arms. But it can become a problem when they become too reliant on that pre-bedtime feed and become unable to sleep without getting nursed first. 
This can result in everyone’s sleep being disrupted. You could be setting yourself up for a lot of sleepless nights until your baby grows out of it themselves.
Fortunately, it is possible to break this habit of nursing before sleep.


Why Is My Child Chewing on Their Shirt?

During a baby’s oral stage, they get the urge to take everything they could get their hands on and put it in their mouth. They usually do this when they’re teething or when they want to explore the world around them. But, what about when an older child suddenly starts chewing on their shirt?
A child may seek oral stimulation during their development stages. This is rooted in a human’s most basic methods and need for self-regulation and calming. Older kids may also still seek this, and not just infants or toddlers.