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How Long Can You Take Prenatal Vitamins?

As you hold that bottle of prenatal vitamins, a cascade of questions might flood your thoughts. One particular query might stand out: how long can you take prenatal vitamins? Well, dear reader, buckle up! We’re about to dive into what prenatal vitamins entail and the healthy timeframe of usage.
A prenatal vitamin isn’t just a supplement. Within each small pill lies teeming nutrients, ensuring both mom and baby remain healthy. But when should these pills become a part of your life, and should you stop taking them…

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Fertility Options for Transgender People

The population of transgender people across the United States alone is estimated to be about two million, and around a quarter of that number are parents. However, a lot more transgender and nonbinary people want to have children and start their own families but they feel as though that option isn’t available to them. 
The good news is that it is an option for them. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recently published an ethics review stating denying transgender and nonbinary individuals any access to fertility services is unjustified. …

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Can Pregnant Women Sleep on Their Backs

When you’re pregnant, finding the right position for sleeping that is both comfortable and doesn’t harm your baby can be quite the challenge. It’s not really that easy to get a sound sleep with your belly in the way. 
You might have heard that sleeping on your back is not advisable at all for pregnant women. This can be a challenge especially if you’re someone who’s used to sleeping on their backs. So, how bad is it really?
As your uterus reaches 20 weeks or five months and grows larger, it becomes big …

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What Is Tokophobia?

Tokophobia is an intense fear of giving birth. It’s not simply anxiety or nervousness. Those things are normal and tend to happen surrounding childbirth but tokophobia can be debilitating and can greatly affect your quality of life. 
It primarily affects those who were assigned females at birth. People who have this condition will take any measures necessary to avoid getting pregnant. In the event that they do get pregnant, they end up dreading every second of pregnancy instead of enjoying or relishing the experience.